Strategies to Help Fulfill Your Vision for the Future

Securing legacy — is where some of the most critical planning decisions occur. After all, one of the most important goals in creating sustainable, multigenerational wealth is to leave behind a legacy that supports an individual's family, values and philanthropic interests.

Many associate the use of offshore trusts solely with tax planning. However, the reality is that trusts now offer much more
and can be used for:

Preservation of family wealth

Succession planning

Protection of assets

Commercial & Charitable purposes

Secura's wealth solutions offer international investors the benefits of a Jersey trust structure for ease in efficient transfer of wealth from one generation to the next.

Why Jersey?

A critical element for the management of assets for international investors is the selection of a secure and reliable jurisdiction. While beneficiary designations and a tax neutral advantage is important to high net-worth investors, the real question is more fundamental. Upon what body of law does all of this depend, and in what political and governmental environment?

At Secura our due diligence criterion was driven by these important demands.

In the end the choice was simple. Jersey stands apart from all other jurisdictions for international investors.

Impeccable Reputation of Jersey

Jersey has been a leading finance centre for over 50 years. It is at the forefront of global finance, but also specializes in Islamic finance, fintech, and socially responsible investing. With its robust regulatory framework and economic stability, Jersey is amongst the most robust financial centres in the world and is seen as an ideal jurisdiction.

Learn how you can benefit from the Global Advantage Plus Jersey Trust.