Global Advantage Plus Benefits

Global Advantage Plus (GAP)

Offering families, a flexible, efficient, and diversified way to pursue their multi-generational wealth goals by investing in strategies to lock in wealth, with benefits of an asset allocation strategy through broad diversification and high level of desired discretion.

Ability to designate beneficiaries to receive secure and efficient transfer of plan proceeds at death directly to those you specify without going through a possibly lengthy and expensive probate. Upon the death of the last surviving Plan Participant, beneficiaries will receive the Market Value less applicable Withdrawal Charge, if any. A complete peace of mind and protection of your assets through Jersey Trust Structure to avoid future disputes, litigations. The use of the trust structure separates investment plans from one another and ensures that your assets are not comingled with Secura's assets and liabilities or those of any other investor. Enhanced protection of trust assets dedicated to Planholders.
Build your own Portfolio of mutual funds with more than 35 renowned asset managers and balance risk returns through Mutual Fund Allocations.
Gain powerful diversification opportunities from best-in-class investment managers with the ability to reallocate your portfolio as your circumstances and goals change while having access to liquidity. These fund choices offer a variety of asset types across different sectors and geographical areas. These include Global Equity, North America Equity, European Equity, Asian Markets Equity, Emerging Markets Equity, Commodities, Real Estate, Fixed Income.
Access to diversified strategies via a single allocation. Whether your risk tolerance is high, low, or somewhere in between, there is likely to be Model Portfolios suited to your investment risk and financial goals that balances risk and returns in pursuit of your long-term financial goal through monitoring, evaluating, modifying and automatic rebalancing.
Offers diversification by allowing the Plan Participant to easily strategically allocate assets, as well as different geographic locations and currencies, to meet Plan Participants unique situation. This can reduce your portfolio's risk and avoid poor performance due to a single security, industry, country, or currency. In other words, diversification helps by not putting all your eggs in one basket.
Change your choice of mutual funds any time. Free and unlimited transfers between available funds and model portfolio options gives flexibility and cost effectiveness.
Offers a Portfolio Rebalancing ("Automatic Rebalancing") feature without any additional cost. Automatic Rebalancing realigns the weightings of Mutual Funds in your Model Portfolios, or a set of stand-alone mutual funds that involves periodical buying or selling to maintain an original or desired level of allocation or risk exposure. This feature automatically sells overweighed funds and purchases unweighted funds. Programs available in the Plan are Quarterly, Semi Annually or Annual Rebalancing.
Mitigate investment risk with Variable Dollar Cost Averaging 6 and12 month options available from any mutual fund at no additional cost. You no longer have to wait on the sidelines for the "right time" to invest. Variable DCA can help smooth out the average cost per unit and help you purchase more units in down markets and fewer units during up markets and reduce the exposure to market volatility.
Annual free withdrawals available.
You can view, print and download transaction confirmations and quarterly statements. You can access your account summary including current value and elected product features. In addition, you can review historical transaction information in detail or summary.

Note: The Global Advantage Plus Plan is arranged by Secura International ("SIL") which has financial services permission to conduct regulated activities issued by ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority ("FSRA"). Secura International also holds an Islamic Endorsement to conduct Islamic Financial Business by Operating an Islamic Window. To ensure that assets held within the Plan are kept separate from the assets and liabilities of SIL the company has engaged Fiduchi Trustees Limited, to act as trustee of The Global Advantage Plus Jersey Trust in which all the assets of the Plan will be held. Fiduchi Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission ("JFSC") in the provision of trust and company business. The Plan will be managed in accordance with all applicable legislation in Jersey, including, inter alia, the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 and the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999.